Cinnamon & Sea Salt Apple Crisps

apple snacks 082

Now that the candy bowls are out in full force brace yourself for many tempting days-hours and minutes! Politely decline the third offer for bite size high fructose corn syrup candies and snack on the gems above. Don’t be intimidated, once you make the first batch you’ll start thinking of other oven-healthy snacks to make.

Let’s get started: all you need is a mandolin, or food processor with a slicer attachment, apples, nonstick spray and spices.

apple snacks 001

start by slicing apples between 1/8 – 1/4″ thick

apple snacks 006

feel free to mix match apples; I used red delicious, honey-crisp, and granny smith

apple snacks 008

decide which spices you’d like to use; featured above is cinnamon & sugar. consider: nutmeg, ginger, five spice, pumpkin spice………….on one batch I even used Mexican Tajin (citric acid-chile-lime spice)

apple snacks 011

mix well & spray sheet pan with non stick spray

apple snacks 016spray apples with non stick spray and generously season

apple snacks 018aren’t they beautiful?

apple snacks 064into the oven @ 350 for 30 minutes or until crispy; time depends on thickness

apple snacks 070

these were sprinkled with Tajin (yummmmmmmmmmmm!)

apple snacks 072

great with cheese, nut butters, wine, crackers, and crushed over hot cereal 🙂

Cheers& Salut!


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